Getting involved

We believe that the best way to really feel part of a church is to be involved in some way.  We rely on volunteers to help us keep the churches running smoothly and here are some of the things you could get involved in:


  • Cleaning – our church buildings are cleaned fortnightly and the brasses polished regularly. If you are a whiz with the polish or a hoover, we’d love to add you to the rota.
  • Flower arranging – we have a skilled florist at St Stephen’s but she can’t do it all the time, so if you are willing to be artistic with flowers, please let us know.
  • Sides-duty on a Sunday – we have a regular group of people who help to set up the churches for the Sunday services, as well as welcoming people, giving out service books, gathering the collection and helping to clear up.
  • Assisting with Kids' Church or Youth Group – working with children is extremely important as well as rewarding. All those who work with our children are required to agree to work within the Diocesan policy, Safe From Harm.  For information about our provision for children and young people please see our church community pages. 
  • If you are musical - If you play an instrument or sing you could join our band, or join the choir.  We also have an enthusiatic group of bell ringers and every group is keen to have new members.


  • Pastoral visiting – supporting those who are too ill or frail to attend church is a crucial part of our ministry, offering God’s love and encouragement to those who would otherwise feel marginalised.
  • Briar Close Team – helping to run the monthly service at the local residential home. From giving out books, to finding hymn numbers, to holding hands and listening to worries, this ministry is valued by those who give and receive it.
  • Helping with social events - we like to have a presence in our local community and our social events throughout the year are a good way of doing this.  A variety of help is needed for these events to happen, from designing posters to helping out on the day.  For more information on our social events please see our church community pages.