Confirmation/ Adult Baptism

This is an opportunity to publicly confirm your baptismal vows and to declare your life as a Christian. Before your family and friends you reject evil and accept Christ as your lifetime friend and Saviour. Historically considered a ‘rite of passage’ it is much more an adult decision to choose to live your life as part of the family of the church.

The confirmation service is usually shared with people from other churches with the Bishop in attendance. Confirmation dates are available throughout the year and the confirmation services often take place at Derby Cathedral.

Adult baptism is also available if you have come to faith later in life and were not christened as a child. This public declaration of your new faith is a powerful witness to family and friends and is carried out at the Church font or alternatively in the outdoor heated swimming pool of one of our church family members. As with most Anglican churches, we will not re-baptise adults who were christened as children, instead confirmation may be used as your public declaration in this instance.