Building Project

Update:  We are currently waiting to hear about our faculty for the removal of the side pews in All Saints' Church and the roof repairs at All Saints'.  

All Saints' Church Building Project

It is our vision for All Saints' to be restored and transformed into a flexible worship space, with community use during the week and a vibrant, active and worshipping congregation on Sundays. Our latest quinquennial report has highlighted major repairs are required for All Saints' to remain in use as a place of worship.  To do all of the repair work and ensure that All Saints' is fit for purpose for the future we need to raise funds in the region of £800,000.




We have begun to complete some of the work recommended by the quinquennial report by completing repairs to the Nave roof.  





Before pictures


After pictures


We have begun investigations into the work required to ensure our stained glass windows can be maintained for the future.  In April 2015 we were awarded a grant from the Roof Repair Fund to help fix our chancel, creche, toilet and lychgate roofs.

We hope that throughout 2015 we can raise funds and fulfil the plan of repairing and reordering All Saints' to ensure it's continued use for the forseeable future.

Fundraising Events

To do all the repairs and improvements to All Saints' Church we need to raise a considerable amount of money. 2014 saw the start of our fundraising drive through a number of local events, run by the church and members of our local community.  We held a pledge day for our regular congregations, where £70,000 was pledged for the building works.  The plan for 2015 includes a number of events to raise funds, including a curry and quiz night; several concerts, and an Auction of Promises, hosted by a celebrity auctioneer.  See our homepage and our calendar for more details about specific events.  Appropiate grants and funding bids will be completed throughout 2015.  We are planning an appeal to our local community for funds, as we are aware many local people are keen for All Saints' to remain open and in use as a focus of our community in Ockbrook.

The latest Quinquennenial Report for All Saints' Church can  be downloaded here:

Pages 1-18

Pages 19-25


St Stephen's Church

As we begin our building project for All Saints' we will also be raising money to cover the required repairs at St Stephen's (as highlighted in our latest Quinennial Report) to ensure it is a safe and warm place to worship.  

To read the Quinquennenial Report for St.Stephen's you can download it here.